After training at Art College, Dick studied Theatre Design at the English National Opera (Motley), where creating scale models of the scenery was always a part of the process. This enabled the scene painters, carpenters, director and actors to see the set as it would appear on stage, thus providing an essential backdrop for the work he does now at HEARTH & HOME, creating authentic, period miniatures for the dolls house and collectors' world.
Alongside the miniatures, he also finds time to carry on with his artwork, exhibiting oil paintings and undertaking commissions. Most years in September, at Ford Cottage studio, we open up the house for a charity art exhibition.
Jane also worked in the theatre on the production side, designing and making costumes. She now brings her talents to the modelling, painting and intricate finishes, such as gilding and metal leaf work on special edition miniatures and commissions.

All our dolls house bathrooms have been carefully researched from architectural antiques, historic catalogues as well as artefacts in our own home and they are reproduced as 12th scale models. As all Hearth and Home miniature bathrooms are hand made, we are able to customise your dolls house bathroom suite to your own special requirements.

Our 12th scale Georgian fireplaces include ogee grates and free standing fire baskets; the 12th scale Victorian fireplaces reflect a more decorative era with a highly detailed grate and tile slips; the 12th scale Arts and Crafts fireplace with its overmantle and mirror ushers in a simpler style at the beginning of the 20th century.
More recently, we have introduced 20th century miniature fireplaces from the Art Deco and 1930's to 1950's periods.

All our miniature fireplaces "light-up" and are supplied with a  complimentary bulb.

Hearth and Home dolls house kitchens include miniature agas, 12th scale kitchen ranges, miniature kitchen sinks and 12th scale copper boilers.
The miniature agas are available in the two oven version, the four oven version or the new miniature deluxe aga model. This new model has a lighting firebox, pewter cooking plates and is supplied with a bulb. All miniature aga cookers have chromed hot plate lids and opening metal doors.
We also offer a colour matching service so you can co-ordinate your dolls house kitchen.
For the more traditional miniature kitchen, Hearth and Home miniatures make 12th scale Georgian and Victorian kitchen ranges. All miniature kitchen ranges have opening metal doors, "lighting" fire grates and are supplied with a bulb.

Hearth and Home Miniatures
Hearth and Home Miniatures
Hearth and Home Miniatures

Hearth and Home Miniatures

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